Ever get home from work too tired to figure out what you’re going to cook your family for dinner? Tired of eating out at the same few restaurants each week? Interested in throwing a party without having to do all the work? 

This is where Chef Antonetta comes in!  Licensed to cook in your home, she can show up with everything ready to create an incredible and unforgettable dining experience.  She will provide the groceries, containers, platters, and expertise.  All she needs to know is what your needs are so she can make your ideas come to life.  You can sit back, relax and enjoy yourself while she does the rest. 

While Chef Antonetta is the whole package, she also has a team that supports her.  She can provide the services of a sous chefs, servers, bartenders, grill masters, bus boys and valet.  She also has relationships with party rental companies, so if you need anything from a grill to tables, chairs and a tent, she can help. 

Every client is different as is every menu; therefore, pricing is not general and will not be found on this site.  Once a menu is created and food selection is made, Chef Antonetta will be able to price your event for you. 

Please peruse all our site has to offer and reach out with any questions, concerns, and desires.